Unlike VP Biden, I have nothing to say in this case

This is just absolutely disgusting.

The Republicans are gonna put y’all back in chains? Is this the discourse we have in this country, that the sitting Vice President of the United States can say something like that?

Thank God for patriots like former Rep. Artur Davis (Democrat turned Republican) and former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, two prominent African-Americans who condemned this speech.

No one should be able to say this and not be condemned for anything less than invoking slavery and racism.

One thought on “Unlike VP Biden, I have nothing to say in this case

  1. runningmatebook 08/16/2012 at 11:22 am Reply

    Tough soundbite. Biden has had somewhat of a pass in terms of misspeaking, but this may not be something he can move past easily. Controversies like this bring a stream of questions to mind for me: Can any politician, black or white, use this kind of rhetoric? Do leftward politicians have more room that those on the right to speak with such racially charged language? Do black politicians have more room than white politicians? Or do equal rules apply to all?

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