Morning Dump, August 16th

Good morning everyone. Now that you’ve had your coffee, sit upon your throne and let’s get to work:

Global News

U.S. News

  • Is Biden off the ticket? The Weekly Standard is reporting that at 10:45 ET, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary Clinton have a closed-to-press meeting in the Oval Office, followed by a private lunch between President Obama and VP Biden at 12:30 ET, also closed to the press. Could this be Obama having a “come to Jesus” talk with VP Biden that it is time to “retire for medical reasons” after his week of bad gaffes/press? FWIW, both former Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. John McCain have called for him to removed…not that their opinions is anything more than a “bucket of warm spit” to Pres. Obama, to quote VP John Nance Garner.
  • Is Iowa on board with Obama? After a campaign trip to the Hawkeye State, the Des Moines Register reports Iowa residents believe Pres. Obama has to run on his record.


“An incumbent has to run on his record,” said Timothy Hagle, a political science professor at the University of Iowa. “Obama tried to deflect the poor results of his programs by first noting that he inherited the problem. But most people no longer care whose fault it was. They just want it fixed.”

  • Is Ryan a drag with Hispanic voters? Politico looks at the reasons why Rep. Paul Ryan might be a hindrance to Hispanic outreach for the Romney campaign. Most notably: he is part of a very unpopular Republican Congress and his stance on the Cuban embargo.

Texas News

  • Protesting the Feeding Ordinance: CM Helena Brown (Batshit Cray) joined protestors in serving meals to Houston’s homeless in violation of a new city ordinance that requires organizations get written consent from the city before feeding the homeless. Necessary of not?

And that’s your dump for the day. Senate Predictions coming up after lunch.

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