The main reason for this blog is because I’m not your average politically engaged voter. I’m ultra-engaged. I’m 23 and I’ve already found myself over political parties. The Democrats don’t want me, I’m not liberal enough. The Republicans don’t want me, I’m not conservative enough. And I don’t think third-parties do much to elevate the course of political discourse (yet) … *cough* Libertarians *cough*

I’m an exile. To be specific, I’m a Tex-ile. A Texan in search of a party, both at home and nationally.

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  1. runningmatebook 08/16/2012 at 11:28 am Reply

    I think you represent a significant and growing swath of the electorate… not necessarily trying to blur the lines between right and left but not wanting to fully conform to the rigid categories and battle lines that have monolithically defined the prior generation.

    Third parties aren’t the solution; engagement is the solution. History teaches that parties and party platforms do change over time, and they do so because time, context, culture, values, and voters all change. Openness to that dynamism is good common sense alligns one with the future rather than the past, even as we work within the confines of the present to get things done.

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