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Why We Endure

1800 – The Peaceful Revolution; Power switches for the first time from the Federalists to the Democrat-Republicans

1824 – No candidate receives an electoral majority; House of Representatives choose John Quincy Adams as president

1841 – William Henry Harrison dies in office; John Tyler assumes the presidency

1861 – Eleven states secede from the United States, forcing a Civil War

1865 – Abraham Lincoln is assassinated

1867 – Andrew Johnson is impeached but acquitted

1876 – Samuel Tilden wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College to Rutherford B. Hayes

1881 – James Garfield is assassinated; Chester A. Arthur assumes the presidency

1901 – William McKinley is assassinated; Teddy Roosevelt assumes the presidency

1912 – Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party forces a three way election scenario that Woodrow Wilson wins

1923 – Warren G. Harding dies in office; Calvin Coolidge assumes the presidency

1932 – Herbert Hoover loses re-election as America falls into the Great Depression

1940 – Franklin Roosevelt runs for an unprecedented third term and wins

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt runs for an unprecedented fourth term and wins

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt dies in office; Harry Truman assumes the presidency

1963 – John F. Kennedy is assassinated; Lyndon B. Johnson assumes the presidency

1974 – Richard Nixon resigns the presidency; Gerald Ford assumes the presidency

1998 – Bill Clinton is impeached but acquitted

2000 – Al Gore wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College to George W. Bush

2001 – 9/11 Terrorist Attack

In every one of these cases, our nation endured. Because we believed in the process. We believed in our founding principles, the Constitution, that provided for us to continue even in our darkest times. We survived two world wars, a terrorist attack, four presidential assassinations and two more dying in office, two impeachments, and countless crazy elections to let the process hurt us now. We’ve had 57 presidential elections and none of them have led to the destruction of this nation.

We will endure because that is what this nation has always done. It is because we share a common idea – the idea that America is and always will be the greatest country in the world.
God bless America.
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