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What in the world is going on in New England?

Specifically, three Senate races to touch on:

  • Massachusetts: polls had Scott Brown the favorite for re-election, up anywhere from a point to high single digits; all of a sudden, Granny Warren is up anywhere from low to mid single digits. Back to tossup status?
  • Connecticut: polls had Linda McMahon edging out Chris Murphy by about three points; now, Murphy is up, albeit by small margins. Outliers or trends?
  • Maine: King was the prohibitive favorite as the Independent candidate; two new polls show King 44, Summers 28, Dill 15 and also King 43, Summers 35, Dill 14. Two polls showing same thing: Summers is gaining on King as Dill gains traction. Potential new pickup?

And for fun: has their 2012 House Map up. I can spend hours on this.

The House now is 242R-193D…I think the GOP gains due to redistricting…256R-179D

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