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2012 Election Predictions

U.S. President

  • Romney 51% – Obama 47%
  • Romney 297, Obama 241
  • Romney: Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire
  • Obama: Nevada, Ohio, Michigan

U.S. Senate

  • GOP 51 – Dem 48(49)
  • GOP: Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Virginia, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota
  • Dem: New Mexico, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio … Maine (Indie)

U.S. House

  • GOP 240 – Dem 195

Harris County

  • President: Obama 52% – Romney 47%
  • Sheriff: Garcia (D) 55% – Guthrie (R) 45%
  • District Attorney: Oliver (D) 51% – Anderson (R) 49%

Presidential Debate Beer Summit Drinking Game

And…go. Your choice of alcohol.

So about that foreign policy strength, huh?

Let’s keep hammering that Obama killed Osama. OBAMA KILLED OSAMA. OBAMA KILLED OSAMA. FOREIGN POLICY EXPERT.

Then why does he keep screwing up?

Having to come and say, hey, the Bengazhi attack was a terrorist act, on 9/11, and was pre-planned. Hell, there weren’t even any protests outside the building like we tried to lie about.

Hey, UN meeting this week? Sorry, President Obama ain’t got no time for bilateral meetings with heads of state….just the women on the View! Thank Goodness.

Israel’s concern Iran is going to nuke it to oblivious? “Noise” Obama is going to ignore, he says.

Senate Minority wants a report on what exactly happened in Libya? Psh, read about it in the papers, because Obama and the State Department don’t need to tell you elected officials anything.

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