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Huh, Political Ads Actually Work?

I thought they were like placebos, campaigns assume ads on tv totally work and voters are like, yeah, could care less. I change the channel when political ads come on because they are awful!

Apparently Mitt Romney’s “America Deserves Better” advertisement actually worked.

Romney’s “America Deserves Better” ad — which attacks the president for the pro-Obama super PAC commercial that suggests Romney played a part in a woman’s death from cancer after her husband lost his job and benefits when Bain Capital closed down a steel plant — swung support among independents six points in Romney’s favor, the Vanderbilt/YouGov Ad Rating Project surveyshows.

Never seen the ad, so I can’t comment. But a six-point swing with indies? Hell, I’d be airing it in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Carolina, Michigan.

“This development is interesting because conventional wisdom is that Obama cannot be attacked on the personal front because the public likes him. That may still be true, but these data are the first to cast doubt on that assumption,” Geer said.

Oh god, please wait while your TV vomits more political advertisements. Gird your loins.

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