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Post-Debate Polling

All the polling since the debate has seen a Romney bounce, both in favorablility and percentage of voters. Voters overwhelmingly believe Romney won the debate, by a 50+ point margin(!!!!)

Rasmussen (all voters): 48-48

Gallup (all voters): 47-47

Politico/Battleground: 48-47 Obama

Florida Rasmussen: 49-47 Romney

PPP Wisconsin: 49-47 Obama

Rasmussen Iowa: 49-47 Obama

PPP Virginia: 50-47 Obama

Rasmussen Colorado: 49-48 Obama

Rasmussen Ohio: 50-49 Obama

In some of these polls, Romney has narrowed the margins significantly…try 5 points for Gallup.

Debates are the equalizer. Romney looked presidential. He acted presidential. He sounded presidential. Obama did not.

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